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On April 17th, 2013 my world came to a complete halt.  At 5:04 pm I was laying on the edge of a hospital bed holding my best friends hand as she took her last breath.  Time stopped. 

I couldn't believe my sister was gone...still can't.  22 years wasn’t long enough.  The 57 days following her death were pure hell.  Those days changed me.  Not one minute went by that my anger didn't get the best of me.  I was mad at the world and everyone in it.  Regretted things I had said and things I didn't do.  I gave up on God...but thankfully, He never gave up on me.  Depression hit hard and I made a decision during a moment of absolute crazy in the wee hours of the morning that changed my life forever.  Not sure which combination of...or possibly all...but somewhere through the tears, anger, insomnia, her love of fashion running through my head, grief, the thought of people possibly forgetting her and a pinch of insanity I emptied the bank account and ordered enough clothing that she would have loved to fill an old rack I had.  Honestly, I have no idea why I did it.  I wasn't a "boutique" shopper...just wasn't my style.  The box arrived and I had no plan AT ALL of what to do with it...’ll find no story here about how my dream was finally coming true...”CC Belle" was never a dream of mine...I have not one memory of spinning around in a dress dreaming of my very own store full of clothes.  CC was the fashionista of our "dream" in life was to own a garage and modify/restore/sell cars...I can 100% assure you it wasn't to own a boutique.....yet, here we are.  No business plan, no money to back me, no research, no lifelong dream....just a moment of crazy, one rack of clothing, a lot of prayer and long talks with God, amazing family, the best group of friends ever, some persistence, my sister's dressers, some chairs hanging on the walls in two little beautiful towns across Tennessee and Kentucky, a warehouse full of laughter and clothing and accepting that God’s plans were a bit different than mine tell the CC Belle story.  ❤️

The nearly 6 years that followed the arrival of that box have been an absolute whirlwind.  I’m beyond grateful for each and every single one of y’all that I’ve been blessed to meet.  We’ve shared laughter, tears and prayers throughout the years...and those moments are better than any “dream” I could have ever had. 

Love and hugs, Amanda 

Psalm 118:1